Welcome to Balleehoo!

So my blogging adventure begins today….late to the big party for sure but exciting for me none the less.  My friend Steve Poppe has an excellent blog, “What’s the Idea?” and I have been reading it for a while….and wondering if I could possibly do as good a job as Steve.  Well, here goes…

I began a consulting business a while back and called it Balleehoo at the suggestion of my friend Dean Bastian, a very creative guy who once wrote and designed a slew of national TV and magazine ads and now owns “Hard Knox Pizza” in Knoxville, Tenn. The guy can cook….and create.

The literal word Ballyhoo seemed to sum up what my company, and our actions, would attempt to do for our media clients….create or build awareness of attention getting  events resulting in excited commotion and sensational promotion or publicity. 

And then Dean and I put together our logo, which I really love. Bright in color to signify our outlook…a sunburst that points to our energy….a font that shows our light and playful nature attached to an explanation point that says we also mean business.

Pure Balleehoo will be an outlet for my observations of what goes on in the sports world and/or media space. I am a past TV executive with my own spin on things who still watches/reads a decent amount of content. I am a fairly heavy reader of the Entertainment/Advertising trades and find the business side of media incredibly fascinating. The relationships between big media companies are really interesting….they compete like crazy for talent, viewers/readers and dollars…..but also need each other because their tentacles become so intertwined. “My enemy today is my business partner tomorrow” is a phrase often cited in the business.

As a consumer/TV viewer,  today I select things purely based on interest instead of based on need, as I did in the corporate days (I once worked at The WB Network and actually watched the UPN comedy block eash Monday night when it began!).  Those interests vary….lots of sports, comedy, instructional/information shows and train wreck TV as well.  Unlike many critics, I can find something good to watch almost all the time.

With any luck, Pure Balleehoo will interest, amuse, provoke and stir other comments…..and just maybe live up to its name!!!

Thanks for reading and following.  Please, reach out anytime.

Jed Petrick

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One Response to Welcome to Balleehoo!

  1. Steve Poppe says:

    Hey Jed. Thanks for the kind words and good luck with the blog. Can’t wait to tune in. Go get ’em 27…Steve

    P.S. Does Dean Bastian still have a speed bag in his office?

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