The Streak….

2010 Honda-Broderick Cup finalist Maya Moore (...

Image by Honda News via Flickr

So tonight I am watching the UConn/Stanford women’s basketball game on ESPN2.

I love UConn and the streak…and Maya Moore is, in my opinion, the best college basketball player in the country today, among men and women, in their respective leagues.  The clear fact that UConn has won 9o straight games is incredible and I want to see them go and go and go.

But….I also want to see it end. Stanford, ranked 8th in the country, with 51 straight wins at home, was the last team to beat UConn. They are incredibly talented in their own right and can certainly stand up to Geno Auriemma‘s top ranked squad.

I also think it would do UConn good to lose a game at this point in the season. Let the steak end and allow the team to focus on their ultimate goal…winning another championship.

Whatever happens tonight, I’m good.  Love UConn. Love Stanford.


Giants 27-10 over the Skins on Sunday. You think otherwise,  I wanna hear it…..and see it….

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