Ohhhhh and Five!

Happy New Year Jim Delany! Don’t you think, if he could, the Big Ten Commissioner would throw the red flag and ask for a review…..of the entire slate of New Year’s Day bowl games!

The Mighty Big Ten (actually Eleven and soon to be Twelve) played the college football equivalent of the big fat stuffed Thanksgiving turkey this past weekend, losing all 5 games their teams played. ALL 5!

Imagine how proud the Big Ten’s Park Ridge, Illinois offices were when the bowl committees finalized their selections for this post season and had selected Big Ten teams in 5 of the 6 games played on New Year’s Day…..  “We’ll own ESPN and the networks. Everyone will recognize Big Ten prowess. It will be great for recruiting.”

How’s that lookin’ now fellas?

  • Texas Tech 40 (Big 12) – Northwestern 38 (Big Ten)  Northwestern has not won a bowl game since 1949!  Way to keep the streak alive!
  • Alabama 49 (SEC) – Michigan State 7 (Big  Ten)The Tide scored touchdowns on their first four possessions. The Spartans waited until there was about 5 minutes left in the game.
  • Florida 39 (SEC) – Penn State 24 (Big Ten) I’m guessin’ that Joe Pa threw Urban a bone in the hope that when his time comes, someone will return the favor.                   
  • Mississippi St. 52 (SEC) – Michigan 14 (Big Ten) The worst bowl game beat down in Michigan history and surely the end of the Rich Rodriguez experiment.
  • TCU 21 (Mountain West) – Wisconsin 19 (Big Ten) Undoubtedly my favorite of the day. The “Sisters of the Poor” according to Ohio State President Gordon Gee, smash-mouth the Badgers, who thrilled at embarrassing their opponents all season while running up the score.

As tough as the day was, Delany was gracious in defeat….”It was a long day,” Delany told the Chicago Tribune on Sunday. We had a big stage and a big chance to either do well or not do well.  Hats off to the guys who beat us. Nobody beat us on a fluke. The better team won in every case.”   I have never met Jim Delany, but I like his style…..  “We certainly didn’t create any legends (Saturday), but how you handle defeat is part of the lesson of becoming a leader.”

So the Big Ten is looking at the Big ZERO….leaving  everything up to Ohio State, who takes on a very talented, fast and strong Arkansas Razorback team in tonight’s
Sugar Bowl (8:30pm ESPN).

Arkansas lost two games this year…to Alabama and Auburn. The Hogs’ potent offense, on the ground and in the air, has posted over 30 points in 10 of their 12 games this season. They’re good folks, and in my opinion, under-ranked by the BCS crew at #8.

For the Buckeyes, Jim Tressel is always prepared for these big games and I have little doubt that his team, led by the “Tattoo Parlor Five” and QB Terrelle Pryor, will give Arkansas all they got.  Ranked #6 by the BCS, they tied Wisconsin for the Big Ten title and now play the role of Conference Savior.

Vegas makes the Buckeyes a 3 point favorite.  Not me.  I’m pickin’ the Hogs 35-24. And an easier game than the score shows. Too Fast. Too Strong. Too Good. I’m no SEC fan, but they play at a whole ‘nother level than the Big Ten. Tonight caps it.


I liked Rex Ryan more before his lap band surgery. With a mouth constantly full of food, we didn’t have to tolerate all his yapping about how good he and his team are.  Hey Rex, here’s a newsflash:  If you have to keep telling me how good you are, then maybe you aren’t that good after all.

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3 Responses to Ohhhhh and Five!

  1. C. Kennedy says:

    So glad your prediction was off for the Buckeyes. Who would know that you had attended college in the Buckeye state! At least one Big Ten team pulled through.

  2. Ace says:

    Where’s the love for the Buckeyes, Jedly? Those poor slow footed OSU guys couldn’t keep up with Arkansas huh? Ryan Mallett looked like the only slow footed guy I saw on the field Tuesday night and I enjoyed his juvenile kicking at the defensive players after they sacked, hurried or tackled him once again. I may have to get a tattoo. Go Bucks.

    • balleehoo says:

      Just callin it as it is big fella…..but since you are lookin to sport a new tat….let me suggest you get “Woody”, in a heart on your left bicep….but don’t erase the “Mrs. L” you have on the right arm!

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