Opines of a Frustrated Yankee Fan 1/4 Through the Season

By Guest Blogger Richie Graeber

My Yankees have shown their moments of greatness despite an inconsisitentcy in smart and defensive baseball – things that can, and should, work themselves out. But perhaps Posada (throw him a 3rd strike below the knees and he is an instant K) and Swisher (what’s with this Ruthian swing when he’s not even making contact?) will not get out of their funks.

On the mound, its Bye-Bye Joba….and where has the 2010 Logan gone? AJ Burnett??? I don’t even know where to start.  Sabathia is pitching well as expected, but MO isn’t the same “shut down “guy he’s been but is still a great one! Burnett, Garcia, & Nova need to get us into the 7th or 8th inning before falling apart – though Colon has been the biggest surprise & I think Nova has been adequate overall! Noesi might be some one to keep around instead of jerking him up and down to S/WB.   Robertson reminds me of Wetteland in ’96……first he gets into trouble, then he gets himself out of trouble….. but I really do like him out there. What has Logan done for us lately? The two free agent relief pitchers we signed this winter…..just an increase against the medical budget along with Colon and Sanit.   

Behind the plate….you thought we saw a  multitude of  visits to the pitching mound, passed balls and Stolen bases last year?!  Maybe its time for Posada to throw on the protective gear again and squat down behind the plate???  As long as they pick and choose slow teams to play him against.

I like Jeter at lead off (but DPs are still the opposition’s best defense when he’s up with runner on 1st) Granderson is doing great but I’ve noticed the Ks are mounting, Tex is doing OK, ARod is doing OK, Cano is sub-Cano, Gardner forgot how to run bases (can someone do that?) and is not a starting outfielder if he can’t run. Is Martin’s stiff back an aberration or a sign of things to come?

I am concerned about our bench depth…or lack there of…..Has Andruw Jones just disappeared??? Perhaps he needs more playing time but I’d rather see Dickerson and even Golson get a chance – I really like them. Give some other youngsters in the minors, Montero and Vasquez maybe, a chance as well.

The Red Sox are playing red hot (9 straight wins as of this writing) and though this current tear may not continue they can be expected to perform well the rest of the season. In a previous blog, I stated that the Yankees are NOT the chasers in this pennant race (effective June 13th……perhaps they are!! 🙂 ! The Sawx are certainly a team to be reckoned with – no doubt. I have been shocked at Beckett’s success so far this season as I clearly thought his best days were behind him.   

Yankees still have horses to make a good pennant push especially as some Boston injuries occur as with all teams, but Rays and Toronto will keep the heat on at least for while too. Just remember in 2009 the Yankees lost the first 9 games to Red Sox and came out OK that year!!!!

One last thing that has seemed noteworthy of late….all the hit batsmen….are American League pitchers trying to get into Tex’s head (along with a few others) with all this HBP going on? Pretty bush league if so. But with 18HRs I don’t think Tex is biting…Remember too, its the dog days of summer, July (after All-Star break), August and September, when teams show their mettle. Yanks need to straighten out their pitching inconsistencies.  Get Cano on track and Gardner needs to get his head back on the basepaths. 

A few carefully thrown pitches at Ortiz to make him “cry” – the big baby (even walk him unintentionally), effectively putting him on first  and not allowing HRs & huge timely hits is a definite advantage – I think he’s killing us as he did in 2004-2007!!

MY final opinion is simply this….. Yanks are in this pennant race and will be UNTIL MATHEMATICALLY ELIMINATED!! My mantra this year, and EVERY year,  until the very end!!


Richie Graeber is a true Yankee, dangerously living amongst the rebels in Louisiana.


What a surprise….after earning anywhere from $40 to $60 thousand dollars in his college career selling memorabilia, and getting caught, Tyrell Pryor is leaving Ohio State one year early to enter the NFL supplemental draft, whenever that is…. Oh, and he has hired Drew Rosenhaus (yes, the same guy who has famously guided the Tyrell Owens circus) as his agent.  And by leaving early, he does not have to assist the NCAA in their fact finding mission (although that is a hit or miss proposition every time anyway…see Cam Newton).

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2 Responses to Opines of a Frustrated Yankee Fan 1/4 Through the Season

  1. toosoxy says:

    Beckett will last forever. You know. Like Tim Wakefield.

  2. tophatal says:

    Well at least when Jeter hits the 3,000 hit plateau as the Yankees alltime hits’ King that’s something Yankees’ fans will have something to cheer about . And you’re right the frailties of the team happens to be weakness of its pitching . The AL East this season will be a dog fight .

    tophatal …….

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