Random Stuff; LinkedIn, Dodgers vs. FOX and Sanchez

LA Herald Examiner Sports Editor/Columnist Allan Mallamud

I guess I am guilty of short attention span….or ADD….but here goes some recent thoughts…and please, don’t say I read like Larry King….I would be honored to be compared to the late Allan Malamud, and his column “Notes on a Scorecard” who I met years ago at the late LA Herald Examiner….

What’s up with LinkedIn...I mean really….how many people have asked you to join their network that you have never heard of…let alone ever met?  Does anyone really think that an “introduction” from me to someone they don’t know is going to be helpful? I have only recently begun to reject these LinkedIn requests from those I do not know….and I think I’m probably not alone as a “member” who doesn’t really know what to do now that I am in…..and in the end it portends to a healthy drop in their stock price after the lofty rise post IPO……at least until  they figure out how to provide a REAL service to those who have registered. For now Wall Street, count me as an uniterested “member” of LinkedIn and factor that into the valuation.

Help me out with this….FOX has the exclusive rights to renegotiating their television deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers until November 2012, 45 days after their current deal ends. Yet, lame ass Dodger owner Frank McCourt is suing FOX  because the Dodgers want to negotiate their coming rights in the open market in advance of the current agreement date…Because he is selling the team due to his bankruptcy and he wants to have as much as possible in place to draw a huge sales price.  What gives? He has a deal with FOX. He ruins his business and admits screwing up, declares bankruptcy, and all contracts are void? So if I am Clayton Kershaw, and I had a great year on the mound, winning the NL Cy Young, can I validate my contract with the Dodgers too?  I don’t get it….

Are we finally seeing the real Mark Sanchez? I have to say, I feel sorry for the guy.  The Jets have had so much success since he was drafted…and unfortunately for him, the NY press gave Sanchez WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT.  Football is a huge team game. Yes, a talented QB can make a significant difference (Tom Brady anyone…Peyton Manning?),  but he is NOT the only guy on the field. Sanchez is still a pup…give him some time  before anointing him the next Joe Willie….

Just sayin’

WFAN/YES Network’s Mike Francesa is killin’ it daily with his work regarding Penn State travesty and cover up. Check him out…..M-F from 1p to 6p…on TV or the net.

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One Response to Random Stuff; LinkedIn, Dodgers vs. FOX and Sanchez

  1. tophatal says:

    Frank McCourt can’t be trusted to run a kids’ lemonade stand !

    tophatal ………

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