Happy New Year!

So we start all over….with a new clean calendar and a fresh slate.  I like this time of year and always come up with something to focus on to make me better….a resolution with a positive spin….as in “I am going to do __________” instead of “I will not __________.”  It  works. Try it.

This year, like last, the resolution is to get healthy. I was a gym demon last year….lifted consistently, aerobics on the off days and very calculated in the diet.  It worked big time. Then Memorial Day came and the beer started to taste too good…my eating habits slid a bit but the gym remained a focus….I shifted my workout schedule and ended up tearing the rotator cuff in August, resulting in a reduced gym routine until surgery in November.  Now in rehab and I finally ditched the sling yesterday…..Net result for 2011….down 13 pounds, 1.5 inches in the waste and my resting pulse rate is back around 60.  Not bad for an old fart.

This year, I plan to finish the year down at least the 12 pounds I gave back beginning with Memorial Day.  I start the routine on Monday and look forward to the challenge.

Back to what’s important…

So the Mets have hired CRG Partners….a financial firm used to help financially troubled companies. Their services are wide-ranging and include “reporting and budgeting processes” as well as restructuring, reorganization and turn-around management.  The NYTimes call these services “polite descriptions” of help needed by companies in distress. 

The Mets are in distress all right. The club is over $400 million in debt, stadium included, and parent Sterling is over $500 million in debt.  The Madoff suit hangs over them like a guillotine.  I am told that the key lenders have some very serious trigger dates coming up…like in 10 to 14 days….where the Mets must show some progress in raising outside capital via the limited shares being sold….ie 10 deals at $20 million each….or face big problems.

If Wilpon and Katz weren’t so closely in “the club” of MLB preferred owners, this entire process would be far louder, messier and transparent. As I have said before, the Mets are in deep and smelly poop. Its going to get worse.

Did you hear?

The NBA lockout is over and the players are back on the court. Who cares? Don’t even call me in June for the finals.

How do I get in on that?!

So Joe Torre quit his gig in MLB’s front office to join LA developer Rick Caruso in his bid to buy the Dodgers. It’s a “murderer’s row” list of potential buyers of the storied franchise….Larry King, Steve Cohen, Orel Hershiser, Magic Johnson, Peter O’Malley, Steve Garvey and other rich dudes.  My money, however, is on either FOX or Time Warner Cable. Both media companies are in a death match over the cable tv rights for the club…loosely valued at around $3.0 billion based on the recent deal FOX made with the LA Angels.  They have to be asking themselves, why spend $3.0 billion for TV rights alone when I can own the club…and the TV rights….for $1.0 billion?  Anybody out there need a hack sales guy? I’m available!

St. Louis Cards Biggest Loss Yet

Tony La Russa retired just after the WS win. That’s troubling. Albert Pujols took the FOX cable tv money and moved to Anaheim. That’s disturbingly distruptive. Today, pitching coach Dave Duncan took an open-ended leave of absence. That’s the end.  Duncan is La Russa’s secret weapon. The guy is, hands down, the BEST pitching coach in the game.  Pitchers go to St Louis to get fixed…Jeff Suppan and Jeff Weaver come to mind immediately….and then falter elsewhere.  Sorry Cards fans….you won’t repeat.

Last bite of the Taco:

Jets QB Mark Sanchez is getting ripped. True that he stunk as the year progressed….but to pin him as the team’s reason for failure is as silly as knighting him for their success. To me, Sanchez is still an NFL pup and he needs more coaching and time to grow. I think I’d look more to the Jets offensive line as a problem area. No time for Sanchez, who seemed pretty nervous in the pocket, to settle in for his passes. Fix the line this off season, go a long way to fixing Sanchez. Just sayin’



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  1. I’d love to hear your take on the NY Rangers (woot woot), The Big East (ouch) and St. John’s Red Storm basketball program Jed — examples of something right, something wrong and something in transition.

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