It’s Gotta Get Better



How could a sport that is so easy on the body be so tough on the ego?

I used to be respectable out there. Granted it was years ago…and my definition of respectable was a GHIN of 12.  I could regularly get into the mid to low 80’s. A great golfer….hardly, but I made my fair share of good shots…lots of pars and I was pretty much good for one birdie a round.

My golfing highlight came in a big tournament. My partner Mike Hickey and I signed up for the annual two day Las Vegas tourney, held each Labor Day weekend at MKCC. The format is one of my favorites….team best ball on day one with an opportunity to improve your score on each hole the following day.  Get a bogey on a hole on Saturday…and a birdie on the same hole on Sunday….use the better of the two scores in your final tally and in the above case, improve your overall score by two strokes.

Mike and I started poorly on Day 1…and I was little help…with bogeys on the first 6 consecutive holes.  I was disgusted…and on the 7th tee said to Mike “OK, that’s it….time to get it together.”

And I did.  Birdie on 7, Birdie on 8, Birdie on 9….Bogey 10, Par 11, Bogey on 12, Par 13, Bogey 14, Par 15, Birdie 16, Bogey 17 and Par 18… 3 over par on the front….3 over par on the back…..I finished with my best ever 77…we led the scoring after Day One…and held on in Day Two to take home the big prize. SWEET!

Good thing I haven’t forgotten that great round because it appears to be a real long shot to duplicate.  My swing is a mess and tee shots inconsistent…I am as likely to pull a blast as I am to dribble one 10 yards to the right. Iron play is a mix of high arcs and low line drives, pulls and more often than not short of target. Chipping has become a joke….three beautiful practice swings and then I either stub the club face or pick it up and drill a grounder through the green. Sand shots can be good….or I quit on the follow through and leave it in the trap to try again….and putting…I think I have three putt more greens this year than two putts.

I am hoping that I can play through this. I have spent more time on the range this season than ever before…and of course there I am brilliant. Our pro Chris has figured out that its all in my head…and I am placing to much pressure on myself and just need to trust my swing.  “You aren’t hitting the ball….you are taking a swing.” I have to try to remember that.

We have our big Member Guest coming up in mid June. My partner Harry Alexander is a very very very good golfer. My goal is to figure this out and contribute to our team performance.  Sounds like I haven’t stopped putting pressure on myself… uh oh….


The pundits say that we can start to make some realistic statements about the baseball season come the end of May….well right now, with about 2 weeks left before then, my Tribe is leading the AL Central.  Maybe they can keep this summer interesting….and give a post season a hard run.  Go Tribe.


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Happily married to Patty and helping to raise two kids...Kat (23) and Kevin (21). Who is luckier than me?
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One Response to It’s Gotta Get Better

  1. Dan Ryan says:

    Smooth and Steady Jedo that’s the key. Just let the ball get in the way of the club and don’t hit at it.

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