Scoring the David Wright Signing


So the New York Mets extended the contract of third baseman David Wright this week.
Here we go again, another silly move by our funny owners in Flushing. Let me score it as I see things…

Wright’s a clean-cut guy who works hard and keeps his nose clean.  Admirable in today’s society.  I’ll give the signing one point for that.

As pure baseball talent, he’s good…..not great. Worth half a point.

That said, I’ve seen enough Mets games to know he is far short of clutch.  His struggles come in good part because they have no one to protect him in the line-up.  Lucas Duda is not the answer and considering the way things have gone for Mets player personnel of late, the answer doesn’t appear to be around the corner either.  If I can giveth…then I can taketh too…..deduct one point.

I understand he is the face of the franchise which is another issue, in my opinion, because the guy is as bland as plain gelatin…he gives the most boring, cliché ridden interview I have ever heard on the radio.  David, WAKE UP!  Fans may admire his work ethic, but his personality and likability aint bringing anybody to the park, the tv set or the radio.  Minus half a point.

I think the real reason they signed him was a pure PR move after dropping Jose Reyes. Trading, not signing, was the real move for the Mets. I think real Met fans would have agreed that shipping him out for young studs was the better play, just as they should have done with Reyes.  These guys are running this team like they are happy being “half pregnant”.  Either go for youth and stockpile or go buy what you need on the open market to win today. Playing the middle gets you nowhere.  Nothing worse than finishing third, fourth or in this team’s case fifth in a 5 team division year after year. Set a strategy and Go Big after it of Go Home.  Management should have been able to see past the negative short-term press from the Post, the FAN, etc.  Big strategic mistake….minus 2 points.

At a reported 7 years for $122 million….an average of about $17 million a year….Wright got the same deal that Washington’s Ryan Zimmerman and Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria got when you consider future value of money instead of today’s value…..not a star contract at all.  Contract price is plus one point.

The length of the deal will tie the Mets hands (and for Mets fans, if they are lucky its the next owner’s hands) both financially and position player wise.  3rd base is a power position. Wright is 30 years old today, probably past his prime and will be 38 at the end of this deal.  Good luck with his power and bat speed at 38. And now difficult to trade as well because the new “owner” of this contract would have the same aging player issues down the line.  You can point to Atlanta’s Chipper Jones, among a few others I suppose, who were extremely successful 3rd basemen at the end of their careers….but Chipper is a freak of nature and David Wright will NEVER be confused with that guaranteed first ballot unanimous Hall of Famer. Length of contract is Minus 1.5 points.

And what about David Wright himself? I need to question where his head is in all of this.  Does he really think that the Mets stand a chance of returning to the big stage? Has this team shown ANY ability to run this franchise in a winning manner? Has he just decided to take the easy path….to negotiate an extension with one full season remaining on his current Mets contract… take the money and run and instead of going out with the freedom that free agency brings and joining a winning team that has a chance at the post season and the World Championship.  To me, he’s decided to just play out the string on his career here in New York and bank what he can.  Minus 2 points.

I like Sandy Alderson as GM and he has some very talented guys on his team in Riccardi and DePodesta.  I think they have proven an ability to find talent.  But in this case I think they are acting for reasons not in the best interest of the club’s on-field performance.  My scorecard says minus 4.5 points.

And that, unfortunately, is the recent norm….a negative move….for the owners of this team.  It’s a shame what greedy Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz have done to this franchise by “investing” all their money with Bernie Madoff and then allowing inept son Jeff Wilpon to run this business. They ruined it.

But there is hope!  With the Dodgers fetching $2.0+ billion last summer, and then getting about $5-$6 billion from FOX for the cable TV rights (why FOX just didn’t re-buy the damn team is a good question, huh?) and then FOX paying about 1.5 billion for a 49% stake in YES last week…..they might be tempted to look for a buyer. I have heard that John Henry and Tom Werner are looking in Boston for the same reasons.  Pretty tempting and in the end, these guys are business men, nothing more.   Wouldn’t that finally be a break for Mets fans.
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Special shout out to my friend Tim Winston. You go boy!


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10 Responses to Scoring the David Wright Signing

  1. You’re kidding with regard to Alderson right ? This is the same guy who berated Jose Reyes for leaving , to join the Marlins , but now he offers Wright this contract , with the Mets still on the verge frigging bankruptcy . So you tell me , how Di Podesta , Ricciardi and Alderson are said to be showing vision ?

    Mets’ payroll , along with future commitments

    If interested let me know what you think ?

    Tophatal ………………

    • balleehoo says:

      C’mon Toppie….you are far too smart and observant for that rant. There is no way, no how, that Sandy Alderson is doing what he chooses in a vacuum. The Wilpons make every decision here and it is all dictated by what keeps their sinking business afloat. Fred Wilpon said, last spring, that Wright was “not a superstar” in New York Magazine. True dat. But he also fears the NY press and doesn’t have the gonads to select a path that might get him somewhere down the line so instead, he bends over and give Wright the headlines with the biggest total dollar deal in Mets history (which is a sham because its only this big due to the length…another Mets error). His son Jeff runs the business and makes mistake after mistake. If Daddy didn’t own the club, he’d have an entirely different career. Don’t blame the staff…the fish stinks from the head down. Look at the Wilpons and then shoot your arrows.

      • Alderson was brought in primarily by Jeff Wilpon , who alongside his dumb a#s father , Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz have ruined the Mets with their mismanagement . And and the apathetic Mets’ fans are buying into the bull#hit that retaining Wright will be for the betterment of the organization. I’ve done pieces on the maniacal Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz and have detailed their misdeeds . The fact that their asses got off because moronic lawyer Irving H Picard for the Madoff plaintiffs sought a lame settlement in terms of the monies that the Wilpons and Katz’s knowingly had gained .

        Alderson is barely a passable replacement over Omar Minaya . So don’t hold your breath if you think he’s going to improve that franchise .

        Tophatal ……….

    • balleehoo says:

      Toppie…Alderson was forced in by Bud Selig. Don’t every give Jeffie any credit for anything positive. The Wilpons had no clue about what to do next. It was a good move. The Mets problem, as I stated, is that they are unable to make a full commitment to what Alderson wants to do. Go young. Fred is afraid that had he passed on Wright, he would be crushed by the NY Post, WFAN, the Daily News, et al. REAL Met fans are willing to ditch Wright if it means a better chance in time, in the end. I think Alderson, DePodesta and Riccardi are more than capable of bringing in new talent. The minor leaguers who have been brought up in the past two years are almost all Omar guys. Give them a chance to show what their young players and draft choices can do.
      Regarding their BUSINESS, cut ticket prices to reflect a lower payroll. Get people to the ballpark. Sell a family experience. Cut food, drink and souvenir prices. Re-invigorate the fan base and when the club begins to roll again, then do what the market will bare. Not that hard for most of us to figure out….but little Jeffie is challenged.

      • And where might I ask , will the Mets find the money to pay for that talent ? That franchise is cash-strapped and living day by day .

        Have you actually read in depth, the financial morass that the ball club is now in ?

        They can barely eke out a profit and they have a stadium paid for with public funds that no cares to come to , in order to see the team play .

        Tophatal ……………………

      • balleehoo says:

        Buddy, they aren’t living day by day….they are losing money, as a team. They are doing things to fix that….they just let Pelfrey leave for free agency ($6.0 million) and after this season Santana’s ($25.5 and $5.5 buyout) and Bey’s contracts ($16.0 and $3.0 buy-out) are gone….a total of $46.0 million. That’s a sizable difference from which to move forward. Dickey will sign for $11 for two years I predict and is worth it as an innings eater and a winner. The loans they carry can all be refinanced. The bankers have had every reason to call in those loans in the past and have not done so. They want the business/team to come out of its tailspin. The value of SNY (they own 65%) just leapt dramatically with the sale of 49% of YES to FOX for $1.5 billion…so don’t think there isn’t easy money there for them if they want to tap it. As far as the ballpark goes…that is just one more of little Jeffie’s screw-ups. Revenues are too small to offset the loan obligations. My solution remains the same…..I am not advocating taking on big salaries…I am dumping instead. I am against the Wright signing and obligation. Get younger players and grow them. Cut the payroll and with that, cut the ticket prices and everything else tied to the ballpark experience. Hold ballpark revenues flat by selling more less expensive tickets by marketing a family fun affordable night at CitiField with your sponsors. When the team gets better and demand for tickets grows, slowly increase prices to match increased talent costs.

  2. And that’s why signing makes absolutely no goddamn sense ! People are trying to make Alderson , Podesta and Ricciardi into saviors for this franchise , That’s like saying Karl Rove was of benefit to Romney’s election endeavors by bankrolling his campaign to the tune of almost $200 million . Saul Katz and and the Wilpon family are a bunch of scheming as#s wipes !

    No one has been coming the Citi Field , and do you really think that the fans within the locale want to see a team that has been barely competitive over the last two seasons ? C’mon man , you’re way better than that .

    The Mets haven’t been bringing any additional revenues and corporate sponsors have been shying away from an uncompetitive brand . So now what ?

    If interested let me know what you think ?

    Click on either links to view .

    Tophatal ………….

  3. They’re (Mets) still losing money and are projected to lose in excess of $65 million this upcoming year . And if as you suggest Alderson has business acumen then how it he wasn’t able to convince the ownership group to make use of David Einhorn’s cash investment when the billionaire hedge fund manager was willing to buy an initial 15% stake in the franchise ? And you’re saying I’m off base ?

    There’ s no common sense at all with the Mets and there certainly isn’t any coming from Alderson . This being the same a$$ who as Selig’s deputy has presided over the following teams having declared bankruptcy reorganization , when it was clear that there were clear mismanagement of the ownership groups in question . Dodgers (McCourt) , Cubs (Sam Zell), Rangers (Gillette & Hicks) . And no, Alderson wasn’t asked to come in and take the reins with the Mets, that call was made by Jeff Wilpon at the best of his father and Saul Katz . Selig has merely walked around with his fingers stuck up his #s$ . At the fans of baseball still have to put up with him being paid $25 million annually as the commissioner .

    Tophatal ………….

  4. balleehoo says:

    TipTop….we agree in many ways but disagree in others. Yes, the Mets are in financially challenging times. No, that is not Sandy Alderson’s fault….nor his responsibility. I know from insiders….KNOW….that he had no say in David Einhorn’s tap dance with ownership. That entire area belongs to Fred and Saul. You simply cannot put any of the club’s money troubles on Sandy…he is working his best with the budget he is given.
    No, Sandy also had nothing to do with the Dodgers, the Cubs nor the Rangers and their financial challenges either.
    I firmly believe that Mets owners was strongly….very strongly….adamantly even….advised by Bud Selig to hire Sandy Alderson. Jeff Wilpon did not make the decision to hire Alderson….Bud Selig did.
    Regarding Bud’s rein as commissioner….you have to admit everyone involved in the game is making a ton of money these days….owners, players, front office people. I guess if you work at baseball, and he is effectively your CEO, you have to be pretty happy with his results. You may not like him personally…..but ….

  5. Sandy AAlderson was seated on the board MLB hierarchy when the first salvos of the financial maelstrom and mess that encompassed the Cubs , Rangers and Dodgers it’s coming into being . You’re giving him far too much reverence to begin with . Unfortunately @ss wipes such as Olney , Buck and Kurkjian would rather reminisce about days gone by , gloss over the steroid era as the hierarchy has done and then sell the fans a boatload of horse#hit and paint a rosy picture about the financial state of baseball . The hierarchy under Bud Selig ignored the warning signs and whatever alleged audits that supposedly was taking place, well it’s apparent that they were not adequately done .

    CFO Jonathan Mariner along with the rest of the archaic old farts who sit on MLB hierarchy have been there way too long and have not been doing an effective job . Explain to me how it is that Bud Selig can earn in excess of $25 million a year ( that has been his average annual salary with and without incentives in that timespan documented ) while teams at the lower end of the payroll/ salary scale have to scrimp and save to even make a damn profit and that is even with the assist of the league’s asinine tax sharing revenue scheme ?

    Alderson couldn’t tell the difference between a damn baking sheet and a balance sheet .

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