I’m Jed Petrick, the President of my own media advisory firm Balleehoo, Inc., located in NYC.  My blog Pure Balleehoo is simply a way for me to chronicle opinions on what I find of interest at any given time.  No overall agenda….and no overall point of view.

I am a long time media guy….and was lucky enough to have learned my craft in stints at Grey Advertising, CBS, FOX and finally, The WB Network, where I served as the Network’s first President, Chief Operating Officer during its only two years of profitability.   I’m proud to say that I’m one of just 3 tv ad sales executives to become the President of his/her broadcast network in the history of broadcast television.  Pretty cool.

During my career, I out hustled several big league kids programmers, like Haim Saban of Power Rangers fame, and secured the rights to kid’s smash hit Pokemon for our Kids’ WB! children’s program service, leading us to the Number 1 position, with a bullet, against all competition.  I also built the early foundation between FOX and the NFL for Rupert Murdoch and his team while David Hill ran Sky Sports in the UK.  And I led the WB’s sales effort as we secured the TV industry’s largest year-to-year price increases for 7 consecutive upfront selling seasons.  It was a great run.  My full LinkedIn profile can be found here… https://www.linkedin.com/in/jedpetrick/

Balleehoo, Inc.  was started in 2004, mostly as a way to help friends with sticky problems.  What began as a fun way to pass time has evolved into a cool little business.  Today, Balleehoo provides advisory services to new and existing media brands of all sizes and scopes seeking marketing, strategic analysis and revenue generation strategies and/or representation.

I’m a lucky guy.



7 Responses to About

  1. Brian P. O'Brien says:

    Jed – This is very cool, Congrats !!!

  2. Brian P. O'Brien says:

    Sign me up !!!

  3. Kevin P says:

    good stuff

  4. Dutch says:

    You should get a writing gig! You write far better than any columnist I have ever read.

  5. Gail says:

    Jed-o! Good luck with the ballehoo.. Great name!

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