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Five years since my last post! Holy crap! While its early January on the calendar, my revisiting this site has little to do with resolutions…or even turning to a new year.  I guess I’m just feelin’ it again and up … Continue reading

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Never again a #42

By Guest Blogger Richie Graeber   I am absolutely flabbergasted, stunned and truly heartbroken at yesterday’s mishap in KC with Mariano Rivera.  Not that he was going to be with us much longer, not that we can’t win with out him (because … Continue reading

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The Masters

So I tape delayed the Masters today…..Easter Sunday…and here I am, at 9:30…picking up the action where I left off earlier today. Some random thoughts…. I have been to Augusta and the Masters…thanks to an invite from my friend Mike … Continue reading

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Is Bruce Springstead really Clairvoyant?

In recognition of the Knicks great start to this NBA season (6-8, 4 straight losses), I thought it time to re-post this piece, written by Guest Blogger Bruce Springstead.  Carmelo’s Arrival just a Car-Wreck-O in Waiting? Posted on February 24, 2011 … Continue reading

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Surfing…Old School

I hopped in the car last Thursday afternoon for the drive to New Hampshire to pick up Kevin for some campus visits and interviews.   It’s a four and a half hour trip that I can pretty much make with my … Continue reading

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Nothing Fishy About This Story

I had breakfast with my friend Sam Roberts recently. You might have a connection to Sam without really knowing it…..Sam’s had a long career as a voice over talent…..working for numerous networks, advertisers and radio stations to communicate their messages … Continue reading

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Anarchy Takes a Time Out

Oh Man. Serious Sadness. I sold my 1972 MGB today on Ebay to a  guy in Austria who wants to ship it over. Bummer.   I bought it four years ago and it was delivered on Father’s Day.  A gift to myself. … Continue reading

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Random Stuff; LinkedIn, Dodgers vs. FOX and Sanchez

I guess I am guilty of short attention span….or ADD….but here goes some recent thoughts…and please, don’t say I read like Larry King….I would be honored to be compared to the late Allan Malamud, and his column “Notes on a Scorecard” who I … Continue reading

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The LA Times Says it best

Well, its a bit lazy, I’ll admit….but keeping track of my favorite owner, Frank McCourt, and his courtroom antics AINT EASY.  Enjoy….. Trying to follow the byzantine trail of Frank McCourt’s lawsuits September 28, 2011 | 12:38 pm      I need … Continue reading

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Opines of a Frustrated Yankee Fan 1/4 Through the Season

By Guest Blogger Richie Graeber My Yankees have shown their moments of greatness despite an inconsisitentcy in smart and defensive baseball – things that can, and should, work themselves out. But perhaps Posada (throw him a 3rd strike below the … Continue reading

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