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Random Stuff; LinkedIn, Dodgers vs. FOX and Sanchez

I guess I am guilty of short attention span….or ADD….but here goes some recent thoughts…and please, don’t say I read like Larry King….I would be honored to be compared to the late Allan Malamud, and his column “Notes on a Scorecard” who I … Continue reading

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In Baseball, Just Who’s Chasing Who?

By Guest Blogger Richie Graeber   So let’s just get this out in the open, right now…. I’m tired of reading about how the Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox are on a collision course for baseball supremacy in the October classic!!  It’s the … Continue reading

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The Soup Thickens

As in just about any scandal, the facts continue to leak out. Today we learned that Major League Baseball has turned off the spigot that New York Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz have been tapping to cover their short-term needs. … Continue reading

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The Age Old Dilemma; Morals vs. Money

If you are a frequent Balleehoo reader, you see the headline and think to yourself…”what more has Jed learned about the Wilpon/Katz saga” and hopefully, you want to keep reading.  That entire mess fascinates me to no end. Today though, I am veering off into … Continue reading

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Carmelo’s Arrival just a Car-Wreck-O in Waiting?

By Guest Blogger Bruce Springstead      WWWHHHOOOOOOSSSHHH. That’s the sound Spike Lee and Knick fans will be hearing on the Garden floor, now that Carmelo Anthony’s racing to New York. Like a NASCAR event, the Knicks will be zooming down the court, … Continue reading

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The Son Rises…..

Mets  COO Jeff Wilpon met the press yesterday at their spring training facility in Port St. Lucie for the first time since the $1.0 billion lawsuit became public. As you’d expect, most of the talk centered on the potential sale of … Continue reading

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The Hint of A Guilty Conscience?

There is a great piece in today’s New York Times….the lead story on the front page written by Diana B. Henriques…..centering on the first interview for publication with Bernard Madoff. Diana is researching and then writing a book for Henry … Continue reading

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In Too Deep to Come Up For Air…..

  The details have begun to surface on Madoff Trustee Irving H. Picard’s suit against Sterling Enterprises and its partners and I think the trustee’s findings are best summed up here….with a direct quote from the suit itself….”There are thousands of victims … Continue reading

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Driven By Greed, Right Off The Cliff

I smell a new episode of CNBC’s primetime series, “American Greed” in the works. You know the show….where they highlight people who seemed too smart for the room after they “earned” outrageous sums of money, only to be eventually exposed … Continue reading

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Ohhhhh and Five!

Happy New Year Jim Delany! Don’t you think, if he could, the Big Ten Commissioner would throw the red flag and ask for a review…..of the entire slate of New Year’s Day bowl games! The Mighty Big Ten (actually Eleven … Continue reading

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